Business Benefits on Energy Management Systems

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Companies with energy management programs generally achieve far greater savings than those without, because they review and manage energy use across the whole organization, on an ongoing basis. The savings go straight to your bottom line which can add to your capital for other things like business development etc.

Reduce costs

Most organizations can reduce their energy costs by at least 20%. You can often save 10% on energy costs for little or no up-front cost, while an energy management system can help you  cut costs by up to a third.

Enhance your brand

Running an energy-efficient operation and using renewable energy can improve relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, who may expect their suppliers to prove their environmental credentials.

Increase productivity and competitiveness

Cutting energy waste means you’re doing more with less. Reducing operating costs helps in developing capital for other areas.

Improve staff wellbeing

Evidence shows people who work in energy efficient environments are often more productive, because workspaces are lit appropriately and aren’t too hot or cold.

Flaunt your green credentials

Everyone wants to be recognized and rewarded for the roles they play in environmental sustainability. Therefore, an effective energy management system in your work environment will help you achieve this

Surprise Pack: Get an Energy Audit

The best way to get started saving on electricity and other utilities is to get an energy audit.  A qualified energy professional will examine your business’ needs, industry-related best practices, and available benefits for any potential upgrades.  A customized energy plan will identify cost-saving measures, as well as the best way to go about obtaining any needed facility changes.

In many areas, for commercial use or for all consumers, energy assessments further allow businesses to save on their utilities by selecting their energy providers.

At Stratagem Energy, we work in collaboration with our partners in providing you complete energy management solutions.

Curious as to how you can cut costs on your energy expensesContact us today to get a quote.


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