Congratulations to our Research Analyst and Energy Hub Manager, Jesusoorefunmi who recently received the designation of LEED Green Associate.

LEED professionals are the driving force behind the green building movement.  By becoming a LEED Green Associate, Jesusoorefunmi has distinguished himself as a leader and a resource for others seeking to achieve their sustainability goals.  His specialized knowledge of green building principles and the LEED Green Building Rating System will benefit others seeking to obtain LEED Certification. He is the latest to be added to our growing roster of sustainable accredited individuals in Nigeria.

The title of LEED Green Associate is the first step in showing expertise in current green building principles and practices. In 2009, the US Green Building Council established the LEED Green Associate designation as the first level in a three-tiered credentialing program, with LEED AP + specialty and LEED Fellow as tiers two and three, respectively.

As an industry leader in green building energy management solutions in Nigeria, Stratagem Energy’s energy experts are experienced at creating sustainable green building solutions that improve buildings’ energy efficiency while creating more comfortable and responsive work environments.

Congratulations Jesusoorefunmi!