As an Energy Management Company, we are leading experts on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency.

Our great expertise has availed us the opportunity to offer a wide range of quality solutions which includes Energy Use and Load Assessment, Harmonic Audits, Heat and Light Loads Analysis, Power Quality Services, Solar PV Installations, Energy Consultation & Energy Performance Contracting.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Our Renewable Energy Solutions include a customized, practical, and affordable solution to your electricity needs helping you reduce air pollution and global warming emissions and long-term cost savings

Solar PV installations

We partner with manufacturer OEMs in Africa to execute solar installations. Our model of operation allows the asset owner to focus on diversification, returns and scale. We have international perspective of the best practices in plant inspection procedures, quality assessment plans, installations, cabling and checklists for maintenance.


Energy Optimization on systems (EOS)

EOS is a highly secure cloud-based software that works with your existing building systems to reduce energy costs in commercial buildings

Energy Audit Assessment

Our Energy Audit guides our client in determining the types and costs of energy to be used in their facility by evaluating how the facility uses energy and identifying opportunities to reduce consumption.

Energy Consultation

We consult and provide advisory services to our clients by analyzing their energy consumption with the intention of reducing their energy costs

Energy Perfomance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a contractual agreement between SEMC, an Energy Service Company and our clients, for the purpose of saving energy in the clients’ facilities. SEMC will research, design, build and maintain capital improvements which are expected to save energy and reduce cost. The client pays SEMC from the savings realized during the contract period

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