The Stratagem Energy Hub is a centre with the aim of educating, mentoring and grooming energy professionals and students with sharing innovative ideas to solve some of the country’s energy challenges. By its offering, we facilitate personal development and offer networking opportunities for energy professionals

Energy Media Training

An event geared towards integrating journalism with professional reporting in the energy space. The training explores the importance of covering the energy sector, the weaknesses identified in the coverage of infrastructure and energy-related issues, as well as the use of data and cutting-edge technologies to craft and disseminate media messages for audiences across all platforms. The first edition was held in Lagos on January 17, 2019 with over 50 participants from various media organizations in attendance.

Energy Financing workshop

Stratagem’s Energy Financing workshop provides increased awareness and capacity of the banks and other financing institutions for financing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency ventures. The workshops also address how energy businesses can attract local and foreign investments. We have been able to train 70 business owners so far and we will do more. This will help improve public-private partnerships, increased investment and enhanced market development.

Energy Efficiency Awareness Campaigns

Our awareness campaigns have brought to light certain southwest communities that have not embraced energy saving devices and help them to transition to LED’s and energy meters. We have reached out to over 100 students in different communities across south west Nigeria introducing them to the benefits of energy conservation and renewable energy


Association of Energy Engineers Nigeria Chapter (AEE)

We are the Country Facilitators for the Association of Energy Engineers in Nigeria. This is an association of over 300 members in Nigeria who are committed to helping their firms or clients increase energy efficiency, utilize innovative energy service options, enhance environmental management programs, upgrade facility operations, and improve equipment performance — while at the same time bolstering their organizations’ bottom lines.

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