Make this Love Season Special by Saving Energy!

With Valentine’s Weekend quickly approaching, most people are gearing up to make dinner reservations and other plans to express love to their partners. However, if you’re opting for a quiet date night at home, remember that your ideal night might not be so ideal for your energy bill.

Below are few steps to ensure the season doesn’t have adverse effect on your energy bills;

Set the mood

 When creating the perfect atmosphere for your Valentine, dim your energy efficient light bulbs or use candles. Nothing says romance like a candle-lit-dinner.

Turn Off Electronics not in use to avoid distraction

 Focus on your date by turning off your phone and TV. Not only will it save energy, it will be easier to connect without those distractions.

Just don’t forget that electronics that are plugged in still use energy when they are turned off — it’s called vampire power.

Go for a Walk

Get outside and enjoy each other’s company without using any fuel in your car. This will help reduce power consumption Try a low-key stroll around your neighborhood after dinner. Remember to switch off gadgets when leaving the house

Energy efficient gifts 

Share the gift of energy efficiency with your Valentine by giving them an ENERGYSTAR certified appliance. It will not only outperform their old appliance, but also help reduce their energy consumption.

Use a warm blanket 

Instead of raising the temperature and using more energy, grab a comfortable blanket and relax with your date on the couch.

Typical savings of between 25 – 30% can be achieved by adopting our services.

Stratagem Energy Management Company are proud of the results they deliver to their clients, by understanding their needs and applying the correct strategies they deliver long-term results.

The team at SEMC would be delighted to identify savings for your portfolio.

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