Stratagem offers an extensive range of commercial, industrial and technical procurement and supply services. We procure and supply equipment, machinery, instruments, tools, spares, materials, other consumable, etc. to the energy, manufacturing, power, service and allied sectors of the Nigerian economy. We have made our operations compatible with extensive volume and numerous varieties of procurable supplies, regularly and sometimes, spontaneously ordered by many of our clients.

We source our products from reputable manufacturers or their appointed representatives locally or internationally. This has sustained our growing tradition of servicing every purchase order with very high quality and standard products, to the utmost satisfaction of our highly valued clients.

In addition, this exploit together with our good relationships with local and overseas product manufacturers and their agents have to some extent, made our product prices to be moderate and competitive. Also, we provide our clients with a totally integrated and seamless services at the best affordable costs.




Our Procurement team has extensive experience in managing and performing procurement activities for large EPC contracts. Our partnerships in the areas of Technical Procurement, Engineering & Maintenance Service Agreements with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) allows for speedy implementation of service contract.

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