Stratagem Energy Management company set to hold Energy media training to boost media reporting on Energy-related issues in Nigeria

Stratagem Energy Management Company (SEMC) is set to hold an Energy Media Training (EMT) to boost the media reporting on energy related issues in Nigeria. Several Journalists will be drawn from top leading media houses in Nigeria and selected to undergo training on energy media reporting in Nigeria.

The training will focus on using data to tell stories that will enrich media contents and inform citizens on the energy sector.

The training which is scheduled to hold on the 17th of January 2019 at Radisson Blu Ikeja GRA Lagos, will explore the importance of covering the energy sector, the gap identified in the coverage of energy management and other energy-related issues, as well as the use of data and cutting-edge technology to craft and disseminate media messages across all platforms.

The training is part of the company’s effort to support developmental journalism through capacity building as the media plays a key role in influencing development of the society through energy reporting.

Furthermore, as a leading energy management company promoting energy efficiency and energy management in the country, we recently bagged an award at the recent Nigeria Energy Awards in recognition of its achievements in the areas of clean energy, energy efficiency and sustainability in the energy champion category.

The training is in continuation of the series of training program organized by Stratagem, following the first edition of the Fundamentals of Energy Management Training (FEMT) which held in partnership with Energy Training Foundation (ENTF), South Africa on the 19th– 23rd of November, 2018; to train individuals and companies on emerging opportunities and solutions to energy challenges the country.

However, this year’s Energy Media Training (EMT) program aims at creating a nationwide network of journalists specialized in energy reporting in a bid to alleviate the low rate of energy journalist and promote an efficient and healthy energy management culture in the country by engaging the fourth estate role of the media practitioners.

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