We partner with global certification bodies to offer industry leading certification programs that give energy professionals and other stakeholders in the energy field a mark of approval and authority. One of such body is the Association of Energy Engineers, who are the leading body for energy certifications

Certified Energy Manager

The Certified Energy Manager (CEM) program is an international training for professionals who require a detailed program of instruction that covers the technical, economic and regulatory aspects of effective energy engineering & management. The program offers a comprehensive learning and problem-solving forum for those who want a broader understanding of the latest cost reduction techniques and strategies followed by a voluntary examination which could lead to international certification with the US-based Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

Facility Manager Energy Training (FMET)

The Facility Manager Energy Training (FMET) is for professionals who manage day to day running of buildings and facilities. It is a 2-day training program covering wide aspect of energy management organized by Nigeria’s Energy Award Winner, Stratagem Energy Management Company.

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